Originating from #CTpadawan - a twitter group hashtag, Cryptocademy advanced into creating tools and methods to educate those interested in the crypto community.

Our community consists of like-minded individuals passionate about cryptocurrency. As a collective, our goal is to evolve the space into being much more driven toward the crypto lifestyle and mindset. A better understanding of cryptocurrency and the functions behind it is what will make you successful in the world of crypto.





Master Trader

Originating from Twitter, Cryptotrader is the master trader and investor of Cryptocademy and the Cryptocademy platform.


Hazel Marie

Design & Marketing

Hazel Marie brings design and digital marketing to the Cryptocademy interface and complete online presence.



Quantifier & Data Analyzer

Matt has helped bring Cryptocademy to life with his skills as a quantifier and data analyzer/specialist.



Marketing & Consultation

Oz brings his eye for design and attention to detail to the table as we continue to develop Cryptocademy.




Learn about crypto technology and the functioning behind cryptocurrency as we teach trading and all things crypto.



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Understand the techonology behind cryptocurrencies and its functioning.


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Want to learn more?

Everything taught by Cryptocademy has been developed throughout the years of the existence of crypto. Ever since it's origins, our master trader/investor, Cryptotrader, has been developing an understanding of cryptocurrency while implementing strategies and formulas to hack and measure it's markets.

While our knowledge and understanding of crypto is ever evolving, we have developed specific formulas and aggregated data to help you understand the appreciation and depreciation of cryptocurrencies. The experience and rapport of Cryptotrader has proven to impact the current Cryptocademy community as new methods are discovered everyday and implemented into your understanding of crypto as a whole.

Everyday, there is new media surrounding cryptocurrency and its evolution. Information is fed to the public without delving too much into the world of crypto. The problem with this lies within the information being shared and made public. There isn’t enough valuable, let alone correct, information given to us when it’s being presented by mainstream media such as CNBC, CNN, etc. Those who watch this media, therefore, don't fully understand what it’s truly about.

A quick solution to this would be to hop on Reddit and other online forums to research crypto. These platforms, however, could often be flooded with internet trolls and ambiguous information. How are people going to get educated on crypto when the only information available for us is false, fake and/or inaccurate?

With so many flooded networks out there giving redundant information on cryptocurrency, there should be a platform made where people can come together to learn the true meaning and intention of cryptocurrency. This is where Cryptocademy comes into the picture.

We offer a hub for members to get educated on all things crypto, while implementing your knowledge into trading, investing and even everyday life. Our community is made available to those who want an informative and in-depth understanding of crypto and its technology.

It is misunderstood that we teach you how to trade crypto. That can surely be an outcome of joining the Cryptocademy community, but our primary goal is to help you understand exactly what cryptocurrency is. What you learn can be utilized in daily life as we teach you about the true meaning of decentralization and what it means to be in charge of your money.

Understanding crypto as a way of life, a lifestyle, will help you utilize it on a day-to-day basis.